Types of Abuse

Making survivor feel physically unsafe either by attacking them, restraining them, or not respecting their boundaries physically.

Physical Abuse

Verbal Abuse

Using derogatory and condescending constant insults at survivor. This is harder to spot.

Psychological Abuse

Trying to convince the survivor that they are insane, making it all up in their heads, to the point where the survivor feels like no one will believe her/him.

Sexual Abuse

Can include both rape as well as withholding sex to use it as a weapon. It can also be used to pass judgement that hurts emotionally.

Economic Abuse

Not allowing survivor to hold a job, withholding money from them besides an allowance, and making all financial decisions independently of the survivor.

Academic Abuse

Not allowing survivor to get educated to the point where she/he can support herself/himself, belittling academic focus, forcing survivor to prioritise relationship over academics at all times.

Technological Abuse

Verbal or emotional abuse on social media, technologically aided stalking and eavesdropping (location, audio, video).

Emotional Abuse

Trying to control the survivor by isolating her/him, or by silencing and discrediting.


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